We are Isabella and Alberto and we are planning to travel the world by bicycle! Our goal is to raise money for tree planting, rehabilitation, and conservation of natural areas with important biodiversity. We especially hope to be able to help conserve and rehabilitate the Amazon forest and to prevent coal mining by RWE in the german Hambacher Forst. But we will decide the specific organizations and areas when we know where we can benefit the most.
We hope to speak with locals as well as decision-makers about what could be done in the small communities we come across in order to better understand how we can create a better and more sustainable future. We especially want to try to understand which concerns and hopes people around the world have and maybe in this way make our own prediction about how we can create a better, happier, more sustainable and more equal world in the future.
And apart from all that, we just really want to see the world!

The team

Isabella Larsson Seedorff (Denmark)

Here seen somewhere in the northern part of Denmark with a broken wrist and a happy face 🙂

A lover of the planet, of being outdoor and of meeting people (and animals!). She has been fighting for the environment ever since she found out that there were people screwing with the nature that she loved so deeply.
She’s an extreme optimist which makes her especially good at dreaming about crazy projects – but mixed with a great deal of stubbornness – she usually succeeds in what she puts her mind to.
She has been practicing the art of “Dear diary” almost since she first got a pen in her hands and story-telling, either through words, pictures or film, is among some of her favorite things to do.
She dreams of a future at a slower pace, with far more respect for human- and planetary limits. A world where people and nature are put before profit and where there is no need for military.

Alberto Marteddu (Sardegna, Italy)

Somewhere in the wild nature of Sardegna, walking in to a canyon and talking about biking the world

An admirer of nature and food with a great sense of humor and a heart-warming smile. Somehow always manages to get into a conversation and in a few seconds put a smile to everyone’s lips. He regularly curses in Italian about politics not taking care of nature and people.  A hardworking Italian who wants to see the world before he gets too old. Tired of old political structures but with great hope that a better future is possible. He hasn’t been on a bicycle for a decade but is working on that.
Has a dream to open a small guesthouse with a few animals and a vegetable garden, living closer to nature with a more simple way of life, and with the ability to offer his hospitality to visitors.

Traveling on two wheels

Traveling by bicycle requires patiens, warm clothes, strenght – and the ability to laugh at yourself when you still can’t figure out how to connect the gas in your Trangia.

The reason that we have chosen the bicycle as our transportation, is that we want to leave as little negative footprint on the places we visit as possible. And the bicycle is by far the most environmentally friendly transportation and also maybe the most beautiful way to experience the world! We have both walked a long pilgrimage and we both really love the idea about slow-travel. In this way, we believe that we will experience much more from the places we visit and really feel the culture, the people and nature. And this also allows us to get close with local communities and we hope to be able to give back, either by offering our labor or just help in any other way we can.
It is going to be a huge challenge physically, but we have a lot of will power, good teamwork and a very good amount of curiosity to get us through the rainy and up-hill days 🙂

We plan to carry a tent and sleep out of hotels as much as possible, in order to save money. We will carry all our gear on our bicycles and hopefully, it won’t get too heavy :O We plan to buy bicycle bags or maybe carry a teeny tiny trailer.
We will be sleeping outside and riding in temperatures ranging from -20 to +40, so we have to carry gear for every kind of weather. Interesting… 🙂

The route so far

Denmark is a cycling paradise, probably not going to see many routes like this going east 🙂

(still very much under construction!):
Starting in Denmark and going through Europe – across Russia to Kazahkstan – from Kazahkstan, following the ancient Silk Road as much as possible all the way to China. Possibly going through Mongolia as well. We are thinking of proceeding to India and other parts of southeast Asia.  And then who knows, maybe jumping on a cargo ship to Australia or America!

Our goals

Seeing the world autentically through our own eyes. Traveling slowly with as little negative impact as possible.

Raising money for rehabilitation and conservation of natural areas around the world (as much and as many as possible!)

Meeting people and new cultures. And contributing in the local comunities where we can, e.g with our labor.


Click on the DONATE buttom and make a self-chosen one time donation through GoFundMe.com


Make a kilometer-based donation

Choose your own amount for every 100 km we make on the bikes.

As an example you can choose to donate 1 € for every 100 km and then every month or so we will sent you an email with an update on how many kilometres we have been driving and we will send you the payment information for your donation!

We are extremely grateful for any small or big contribution we get – and anything makes a huge difference!
And in return your extreme kindness, we will provide pictures, stories and lots of sweaty smiles trough our blog .
Let’s get some trees planted and some forests conservated!

A whole lot of hugs
Isabella and Alberto

Donations provided by funders here and on GoFundMe, will be used to keep us alive (if we run out of money); food, supplies, repairs, etc – and all excess money, will be donated to charity working for rehabilitation and conservation of forests. And the exact organizations and projects will be decided when we know where we can benefit the most. So make a donation and let us save the lungs of the Earth!

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