March 2020

Just as everything slowly seems to fall in to place with the trip, the situation of the Coronavirus seems ever to worsen. I am not so afraid of catching the virus, but the political conditions caused by the virus can make it difficult for me to realize the trip. At least in the way that I had imagined.

Borders are closing in Central Asia, and around the world, infrastructure is being limited. My planned route is not possible anymore, and if I go now, I risk being quarantined every time I cross a border and some places I might not even be able to get in. And if other countries follow the same method as seen now in Italy, I might have difficulties finding food and shelter. But given the fact that it would take me some months to arrive at these problematic countries, the situation could have changed for the better and not be a problem anymore.

So at this point, I am in a huge frustration whether I should depart as planned on the 11th of April and just hope that the situation will get better as I make my way through Europe or if I should postpone the whole thing, save up some more money and wait for the situation to get better.

I don’t know how to make this decision, but I guess I just have to track the situation and do what feels right.

In the meantime, I have now received my bicycle and started to test-ride it – and it is GREAT! Once again, a huge thank you to Trek Bikes Denmark, for supplying me with such a reliable travel companion!

Oh, how I hope to be able to depart in April.

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