February 2020

It’s February, I just turned 20, and in only about two months, I will depart for the biggest adventure of my life. I have no idea about the things I have ahead of me, but I have a pretty good feeling it will be amazing!

Spending my birthday with my family was great but also left me with a strange feeling. I have never had to be away from my family for so long, and I think this will probably be the most mentally challenging thing about the trip. Thank god for Skype!

I am slowly starting to invest in the gear for the trip, and with more sponsors joining my team, I think I can just barely keep my economy on track. Especially thanks to Birger Kjærbye from MTB-Tours in Hareskov, who is supporting me with everything from equipment to mechanics course.
And Ivar Tønnesen from The Adventurers Club Denmark, who is giving me incredible assistance to my planning process and will also be ready to help me with route planning and practicallyties along the journey.

A few weeks ago, I went for a small preparation tour. It was a quick ride to Sweeden and back with a single night in the tent, but as for my mental preparation, this was great! And just the small thing as crossing the border to a different country just felt huge!
And since I did not initially plan this project to be a solo ekspedition, it has also taken me some time to get used to the fact that it is going to be just me and my bicycle. But I think I slowly start to be quite content with this change of plan.
This is my dream, and I can do it!

One thought on “February 2020

  1. Hi Isabella – so nice to read that your plans are alive and on track. If you feel like writing and sharing more about your plans it would be interesting. Your considerations about route, equipment, forestation projects to visit and so on.
    All the best 🙂 Søren


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