November 2019

Planning, planning, planning!

It’s November and the leaves have started to fall off the trees here in Denmark, the cold is coming and the days are getting shorter. We are both working our butts off and being 4.000 km apart (me being in Denmark and Alberto in Italy) makes planning a bit difficult. But not impossible. Looking through the pictures on my phone there is numerous pictures of fingers pointing at a map and screenshots of possible routes and cities to visit, that have been sent back and forth between us the past months. Each day we work and plan individually and in the evening we try to combine everything. So far we have figured out a lot, but there is still so much to be done. But the process of planning is thrilling and makes me even more excited to what we have waiting in just 5 months. The trees are starting to be bald and at the time that they start to bloom again, we will head off for the biggest adventure of our lives. Wow!

Route planning

Currently, we are trying to work out the best route to the east. We are considering going either through Ukraine/Russia or crossing the Black Sea and Caspian sea and then going to the Stans. This is an example of how we try to send pictures back and forth to each other and present different opportunities to each other 🙂 A lot of map-drawings and long phone calls.

Soon we will publish this site and the fundraising and we are excited to invite everyone along for the project! And we hope so dearly that people are willing to support our charity as well as our expedition both with their heart and maybe even with their wallets! If you want to read more about our charity supporting natural areas around the world, look at the page ‘Charity’ 🙂

World Land Trust works with conservation and rehabilitation of natural areas around the world. Planting trees and helping local NGOs acquiring areas for conservation.

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